KJ Dong Jia, Katharine Beckett, Kelly Howard and Kim Howard with Allways Antique Photo earned recognition at the 30th Annual Antique & Amusement Photographers International Photo Contest held on January 30th in Las Vegas, Nevada. All together the Allways Antique Photo staff earned a total of seven (7) ribbons including two (2) first place ribbons, a Technical Excellence Award and the coveted Best in Show.

KJ Dong Jia, owner and operator of Allways Antique Photo was the big winner with his portrait of a woman in the category of “Most Creative Portrait Digitally Enhanced”.  His photo won first (1st) place in the category, received a Technical Excellence Award and won Best in Show over thirty (30) other first place photos. The Technical Excellence Award, which is only given to a select few photographs and is based on print quality, creativity, style, composition, presentation, balance, lighting, and technique, is a well sought-after award. Katharine Beckett received three (3) ribbons for her work including second (2nd) place for both her portrait of “Two Persons” and “20’s Era”.  Kelly Howard and Kim Howard both earned one (1) ribbon each including a first (1st) place award for Kelly’s “Boudoir Portrait” and Honorable mention for Kim’s “Portrait of a Woman”.

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Everyone put pajamas on, having a PJ party tonight!!! Homemade turkey, wine, Secert Santa gift exchange, Celebrating our Christmas season!

Merry Christmas!

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Updated: May 18, 2020

It's time of the year! One of our favorite occassions cause everyone gets to dress up, not for work, but the party and fun! Who doesn't like playing dress up? Especially us, we are pretty good at it, aren't we?

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